Hello Cross Mix Audio clients!

Mixing Consoles

Yamaha Ls9 Digital Mixer Allen and Heath GL2400 32 Channel Mic mixer

Mackie Onyx 32.4 Channel Mic Mixer

Yamaha Mg 24fx 24Channel Mic Mixer Mackie Profx 12 Channel Mic Mixer Behringer UB 2224 FX 16 Channel Mic mixer


Speaker System

KEVLER VT488 Line Array Loudspeaker

RCF Art 6001a Powered  3 way Loudspeaker

RCF Art 325a Powered Single 15″ LoudspeakerJBL Prx 525 Powered dual 15 LoudSpeaker Kevler SRX 225 Dual 15″ Loudspeaker Electrovoice Subscope 18″ Subwoofer

Wharfedale LA 15″ Powered Speaker Lexus 12″ Powered Speaker


CD Player/Dj Mixer/Software

Pioneer CDJ 100 Professional Tabletop  Player American Audio CDI 100 Professional Tabletop Player American Audio DCD PRO  310 Dual Professional Player American Audio SCD 100 Single Rackmount Professional Player American Audio 2 Channel DJ Professional Mixer

Behringer VMX100 2 Channel Dj Mixer

Acer Aspire 4736z Laptop with Virtual Dj Software ECS D25 Laptop with Virtual Dj Software

Sound Processor

DBX 1231 Dual Channel Equalizer DBX 2231 Dual Channer Equalizer and Limiter DBX 231 Dual Channel Equalizer DBX 234xl Electronic Crossover DBX 166xl Dual Channel Compressor Limiter Alesis Midiverb4 Vocal effects Alesis Microverb4 Vocal effects Phonic Ppc9000e Power Conditioner

Power Amplifier

Soundstandard CA 18 Power Amplifier Crell CA 25 Power Amplifier Crell CA 20 Power Amplifier



Shure Beta 58 Professional Wired Microphones Shure SM 58 Professional Wired Microphones Shure Beta 57 Professional Wired Microphones Shure PG 81 Professional Condenser Microphones Audix F50 Professional Vocal Wired Microphones Samson R21 Professional Wired Microphones Wharfedale DM 2.0 Professional Wired Microphones Samson Professional Drum microphones Shure Pg Series Drumkit Microphones

Lighting System

Par 64 Spotlight Led Par64 3watts Led Par64 10mm LIghtsky Movingheads HMI 575 Robe Movingheads HMI 1200 Silverstar Followspot HMI 575

Lampo Followspot HMI 575 Geni Spyro

Big Dipper Lazer 1 Big Dipper Lazer 2 Powerstrobe


Antari Smoke Machine Antari Bubble Machine Antari Snow Machine Antari Low lying Fog Machine


Wireless Mic/Lapel/Communication Set

Shure Slx Sm 58 Wireless Microphone Mipro Wireless Receiver Mipro Handheld wireless Microphone Mipro Bodypack Transmitter

Mipro Mu 53hn Headworn Mic Mipro Mu 53L Lapel Mic Mipro Mu 55L  Lapel Mic Comlink  Communication set Base and Beltpack

Monacor Comset Headphone


Rhythm Section

Gretsch Catalina Maple Drumset Pearl Export Anniversary Series Drumset

Yamaha Stage Custom Drumset Zildjan ZBT symbals Roland JC120 Guitar Amplifier Fender Frontman 212 Guitar amplifier Fender Twin reverb 212 Guitar Amplifier Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier Hartke LH500 Tube Bass head Hartke Hydrive hx410 Speaker cabinet Peavey KB4 Keyboard Amplifier Countryman Direct Boxes Behringer Direct Boxes

Lcd Projector system

Epson s3 2000 Lumens Lcd Projector Hitachi 3000 Lumens Projector Hitachi 4000Lumens Projector

Vega Tripod Screen 60 x 60 Vega Tripod Screen 96 x 96 Vega Easy fold Screen rear or front Projection 9 x 12 Audio,Video selector

Vga Cable

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